advertising rates
4 COLOR DISPLAY 1x 3x 7x
Full page$4,515$4,305$4,095
1/2 page$2,625$2,415$2,205
1/4 page footer$1,760$1,650$1,575
1/4 page$1,680$1,575$1,365
Back cover$5,418$5,166$4,914
Inside front cover$5,192$4,950$4,709
Inside back cover$4,967$4,736$4,505
Full page spread$8,820$8,400$7,980
1/2 page spread$5,775$5,460$4,830
COMPANY SPOTLIGHT - One Spotlight Per Issue: $9,500
Full Color, Full Page Inside Spread
Right Side Page - Full Page Ad
Left Side Page to be Written by TPP Writer
Choice of Q&A With Company Executive, Company Profile, or Case Study
BANNERS - 1x3x6x12x
Banners in sections$800$600$500$400
Banners on home page$900$700$600$400
• Specs: JPEG and GIF formats accepted. Files must be 185x65 pixels, 14Kb or smaller.
Insert your own marketing piece to deliver your customized message to all of our readers.
• Please call for pricing.
The Prepaid Press
Electronic Newspaper
The Live! Edition
Advertise in the TPP Live! Edition and watch your ads come to life!
This breakthrough technology in publishing bridges the printed word, electronic publishing and online content over the Internet, like no other publication you have ever seen. There are many benefits to our advertisers and subscribers for using the Live! Edition. It is green, fast and 100% up to the minute.
For advertisers, you can now get your message out through a wide range of audio, video, and linking options. Never again worry about your ad being lost in the fray. It can literally jump off the page!
Standard Delivery and Distribution Service
Included as part of the print rate
Link Options
Manually embedded links: $50.00
Rich Media Options
Custom Flash Animation
Per Case Basis
Custom Landing Page $1,100.00
Premium Advertiser Options
Sponsorship (page & toolbar - up to 3 areas)
Flash survey for advertisements (Per survey - can be reused in other issues)
$1,000.00/10 questions
Zoomerang Survey
Ad-Jolt Ad Animation
$500/first issue; $200/subsequent issues
Gatefolds, Bellybands, Insert Cards, Tabs
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